Shippers & Manufacturers

If you’re a Shipper or Manufacturer that relies on “middlemen” – think brokers or 3PLs - to move your product, ask yourself: Why is freight logistics still plagued with costly and inefficient processes?
Lack of capacity. Lack of visibility. Mountains of paperwork. Faxing, Phone Calls. Where’s your driver?
Isn’t this the digital age?
Fusing proprietary design with proven technologies, the core LaneAxis platform gives Shippers complete, real-time control over their freight, avoiding the need for costly brokers and 3PLs – intermediaries whose only goal is to slice off revenue from shippers and carriers. Those days are over.

More benefits for Shippers

No up-front costs, no software/hardware overhauls
Carriers are pre-qualified to meet your contract requirements
Real-time GPS load tracking – from prior to pickup through proof of delivery
Time-stamped geofence entrance and exit alerts
Simplified exception management
Virtually eliminate detention disputes
All shipment documentation securely stored in the cloud and protected by the blockchain