End-to-End Visibility

The LaneAxis Patent

The Blockchain and Axis Token

Accessing the LaneAxis Network Data Hub


Shipper Create a Request


The Shipper/Manufacturer creates a request by entering all details about a specific
shipment including the date and variable data such as equipment details and
quantities. This request is sent out within our network to connect with relevant
and qualified drivers.


Shipper Create a Request


Based on the specifications of the query and capabilities of the driver, our Network shows you a list of Drivers eligible to make the delivery.


Driver Reviews & Accepts


LaneAxis’ Professional Driver Metrics. The Carrier who is eligible for the specific query then reviews the shipment details, ensuring he or she is capable and available for the delivery. Once accepted, the LaneAxis smart contract enacts the rules and specifics of the order, essentially automating the entire process.

The LaneAxis Patent

LaneAxis essentially “owns the process” of a Shipper to Carrier direct model. U.S. Patent 9,928,475. (Officially titled “Shipper and Carrier Interaction Optimization Platform”) was approved in March of 2018. This process helps ensure total trust between parties – and gives LaneAxis a tremendous competitive edge over its competition to build a true direct network.

The LaneAxis Blockchain & Token

As the LaneAxis Data Network grows, the LaneAxis blockchain and smart contract will serve as the ultimate source of integrity for all transactions conducted within the LaneAxis Network ecosystem. Token miners will validate transactions and be rewarded with AXIS tokens, which will monitor the network as a true trustless network.

AXIS Tokens have already been issued to more than 2,500 LaneAxis supporters. You can view the AXIS Token on Etherscan. The AXIS Token will be listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges in the coming months.